Murder By E-Mail

Murder by E-Mail

Lt. James Hong and Sgt. C.J. Jones of the Honolulu police are plunged into a strange mystery in paradise. Someone is killing women during e-mail chat. Each murder is more violent than the preceding one. Several suspects present themselves, but each one is a dead end for the duo. Pressure from the press and their own inability to solve the case lead Sgt. Jones to risking her own life as she goes undercover, setting herself up as the next possible victim. It will be one close call after another as Hong and Jones go to the limit to stop the Murder by E-mail killer.


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Lt. James (Jimmy) Hong sat behind his desk reading the morning paper. His usual mug of coffee locked in his hand on the chair arm. He was scanning the front page looking to see what the press had discovered about the last two murders on Oahu. It seemed they always knew the answers before the police did, or at least they tried to present the idea that they did. Hong was a thirty-year man on the force and well respected by everyone. He had broken the several cases that had been tossed in the “unsolvable” files. He was noted for his silence when he worked on a case and wildness when he was off duty. He had lost his wife ten years ago when she was killed in a hit and run automobile accident on the Pali Highway. Since then he had visited her grave every day when his shift ended. Sometimes spending hours sitting on the grass beside her tombstone talking softly to her.He turned the page and continued to read.

Across from him sat Sgt. Connie Jones. An eleven-year vet of the force, she had made detective in just three years. A rapid rise for anyone in the police field, she had helped Hong find the murderer of his wife in just six months, while only a beat officer. CJ, as she preferred to be called, was married with three children. Her husband, Rick, was a police officer when they met seven years ago, but had left the force due to an injury. It had been love at first sight. They had married one year later and the first of the children followed one year after. Rick was the apple of CJ’s world and of course the children were the apples of both their lives.

CJ stared at the blank piece of paper on his desk. Every lead so far on the killings of the two women had been dead ends. The murdered women didn’t know each other. Didn’t work in the same part of town. Didn’t have any friends in common. The only things in common was that both were between thirty-five and forty years old, lived alone, had nice homes, were nude when found, nothing was stolen and they were murdered in their living rooms.

There appeared to be no motive for either murder, yet according to Hong they were tied together somehow and they had to find it. For the first time since becoming a detective Lawrence was lost. She looked up as Hong rustled the newspaper.

“You know CJ, we are missing something, something right in front of us. We should be able to see it but we aren’t. I know the crime lab went over the

scenes with a fine tooth comb but damn it, either we missed something or they did.”

“I agree, but what?”

Hong only shook his head and laid the newspaper on the desk. He reached into the desk drawer and retrieved a folder packed with photos. Opening it he spread the photos on the newspaper and desk. Jones came around and peered over his shoulder at the mass of photos of the dead body and room where it lay. Nothing over turned, nothing amiss. It was like the murderer had cleaned up the room, dusted, swept and placed everything back where it had been before the crime.