Imi 'Ike's Great Adventure

Imi 'Ike's Great Adventure

Imi 'ike's Great Adventure - Jim Kilpatrick - Cover - final - March 2016-front

The adventures continue with ‘Imi ‘ike and his family. This time the find a baby beluga whale in Hawaiian waters. ‘Imi and the family journey to the artic helping the little whale home and along the way encountering danger from a giant squid. Come along with ‘Imi and thrill to the story of ‘Imi ‘ike’s Great Adventure.

  – Excerpt from ‘Imi ‘ike’s Great Adventure –

“Who are you and what’s the matter?” ‘Imi asked.

“I am Tatiana, a beluga whale, and I am lost,” she said.

Now, ‘Imi didn’t know a lot about beluga whales , but he had seen many other whale in the Hawaiian waters. He knew that this whale was a baby and it needed its mother.

“Come, Tatiana. Come with me and we will help you find your way home,” ‘Imi promised.

Tatiana hesitated, but as she watched ‘Imi swim away she followed him, easily catching him as she swam so much faster than ‘Imi.

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