Author of fiction for adults and children


…and welcome to the website of author James Kilpatrick or Kimo, as his Hawaiian friends call him.  Writing has been a passion for James since childhood.  Over the years, he has included writing in his life by teaching and writing for various newspapers.  He even had a stint with TV and radio!  Recently, in the last few years, he has taken his passion to a new level by writing and publishing books based on his past experiences and interests.  His latest, Imi ‘Ike Learns to Spin, is his first foray into the world of children’s books, and it’s probably his most enjoyable.  My kids have asked to read it over and over, and I’m sure that yours will too!  The second installment of the ‘Imi ‘Ike adventures is underway, and we’re all looking forward to its debut.

Enjoy the site and drop Jim a message on the contact page.  He’s always happy to hear from fans!

– Steve Lee, Son-in-Law and President of 2Honu Hawaiian Lei