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to the website of author James Kilpatrick, or Kimo, as his Hawaiian friends call him.  Writing has been a passion for James since childhood, and he’s published 7 books! His most recent book, Murder of the Tatooed Geisha, is an exciting new addition to his list of accomplishments, and it’s sure to be great read for anyone who picks it up! Read below for more about his newest creation.

Murder of the Tatooed Geisha

In the mid-sixteen hundred’s, on the coast of Japan near the city of Kobe, twins were born to a rice farmer and his wife. However, as the years went by, poverty rose for Goto Uchijima, his wife Yoko and the twin girls Hanako and Miki.
Life became hard for the Uchijima family – until finally the twins were sold to a geisha procurer. However, only Hanako would become a geisha, while Miki was sold to a police magistrate before reaching Edo. Separated, the twins would travel two far-different roads. Follow them as they grow and find love – before tragedy strikes and brings them back together again.

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